About Us

A little bit about Island Electric

Hi, I'm Larry Vermeersch, owner of Island Electric.

I started Island Electric in 2005. It soon became obvious that this could not remain a one-person operation. My wife, Marilyn, joined the company to manage all business operations, enabling me to be in the field doing what I do best.

Island Electric incorporated in 2007 and currently has six full time employees.

A little bit about me

Larry Vermeersch, owner of Island Electric.

I became interested in home building and renovations by working at my father’s side. The aspect of the home building that intrigued me most was the electrical work. That led to my decision to choose a career as an electrician.

I have been a Journeyman Electrician for over 15 years now, and enjoy every minute of it!

Why Island Electric?

This is a question that I am frequently asked.

At my father’s suggestion, I named the company after the family cottage which is located on Island Lake.

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